Start Your Keto Journey With A Reliable Ketone Monitor

Using a reliable ketone monitor helps set you up for a successful keto journey. Testing for ketones and glucose levels helps you understand what your body is using to make energy and will help identify food sensitivities. Tricella’s Trio: ketone, glucose and auto GKI smart monitor delivers reliable results. 

Phantom Sync

Advanced wireless technology enables Trio to sync with the Tricella Health App even when it is in the background

2+2 Precision Duo

Test with confidence, Trio uses dual enzyme and dual electro-current signals ensures high precision results every time 

Ketone, Glucose, Auto GKI

Testing for ketones only provides half the insights into your keto diet. Testing for both; glucose and ketones gives you the full picture so you can optimize your keto plan.

Learn About Your Food Sensitivities

You need to know what your body is using for fuel. The keto diet is designed to exhaust available glycogen in your body so it can start converting the stored fat into energy. If your body has available glycogen, it won’t be converting fat reserves to energy as effectively.

Keep Track of Your Keto Journey with the Tricella Health App

Being able to keep track of your progress will help you stay motivated and prevent you from falling off the keto wagon. It’ll help you adjust your diet as you progress through your keto journey.  Tricella Trio ketone monitor wirelessly connects to your smartphones using phantom sync technology.

Blood tests are the gold standard for keto diets. Tricella Trio uses gold plated test strips to give you the most precise results

Gold Plated for Precision

The Tricella Trio uses proprietary gold plated technology to ensure precise readings. Gold plating ensures maximum electroconductivity and minimizes oxidization from the enzyme layer.

Dual Enzyme

Using double enzymes helps us  hone in on the actual levels providing accurate results every time

Dual Electro-Signal

Check and double check. We use AC and DC current to enhance separation of plasma to ensure reliable testing.

In The Press

Take the guess work out of your keto diet

Whether you’re a keto veteran or a n00b, having the right tools will help set you up for success. Our keto, glucose +GKI smart monitors is an important tool to have in your arsenal

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