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Q: My mom doesn’t have a smartphone, but I really want to get her a Pillbox. What can I do?

A: Pillbox can be used with tablets that support Bluetooth 4.0.

Q: My wife and I both have Pillboxes.  Will my app accidentally connect to hers?

A: No, it will not.  The Pillboxes are paired according to the accounts of the users.

Q: I need multiple Pillboxes for different times of the day. Will my app sync with more than one Pillbox?

A: Absolutely.  Everyone is unique, and so are their requirements.  We wanted to account for that, so we made it possible for one user to have multiple Pillboxes connected to their account.

Q: I just switched to a new phone.  Do I need to pair Pillbox again?

A: No.  Simply sign in with the registered number and all the data will be ported over.

Q: What is the adherence window?

A: The adherence window is plus and minus 2 hours of the reminder. For example, if your reminder is set at 8:00am, then the adherence window is 6:00am to 10:00am.

Mobile App

Q: How do I add a reminder for my medicine or vitamins?

A: Tap “Reminder” in the navigation bar on the bottom of the screen (top left hand button if using Android).  This takes you to the “Reminder” page, where you will tap again to set a new reminder.  Edit the time and day(s) of the week as needed.  Then tap “Add another pill”.  Next, type in the name of the pill and tap “Done” on the keyboard, which takes you to the next step of adding the potency of your pill (this may be skipped and edited later).  You then enter how many pills you need per dose.  The final step is to enter how many pills are in a bottle (this may be skipped and edited later).

Q: How do I add a caregiver?

A: Tap “Family” in the navigation bar on the bottom of the screen (top left hand button if using Android).  This takes you to the “Family” page, where you will tap “Add Follower” on the bottom.  You have the option of entering the phone number or selecting from your contacts.  Next, tap on “Invite”.  Your caregiver will receive a text message to install the app if he or she doesn’t already have the app.  

Q: I took my medicine at night for a dose scheduled for the morning; outside of the adherence window.  How do I edit my adherence history?

A: To edit the history, tap “% Adherence” from the main screen located under the date.  Then tap the day you would like to edit.  Next, tap on the gray check mark to mark the dose taken.  Confirm by tapping “I took it”.

Q: It tells me to “log in” when I open my app, but I already logged in, what gives?

A: For security and privacy reasons, we designed the app so only one device can log into the account at a time. So if you log in with a new device, the previous one will automatically get logged out.


Q: What happens to the Pillbox after the battery runs out?

A: Pillbox uses a standard CR2032 battery that is widely available in most stores that sells batteries, or online.

Q: My battery ran out of power in a matter of weeks.

A: Please make sure to update the firmware ASAP. The latest firmware enables a fresh coin cell battery to operate over 6 months before needing to be replaced.


Q: How much is Pillbox?

A: Pillbox retails for $94.99, and the app is free.

Q: Are there any hidden fees?

A: None.  There are no monthly service fees to use Pillbox, or any fees within the app to send notifications to multiple caregivers.  


Q: I’m trying to pair Pillbox, but my phone can’t seem to locate it.

A: Let’s make sure the battery was installed properly.  The markings on the battery should face up towards you. Push out one of the pill drawers.  It should light up. If it doesn’t, then the battery was probably not pushed in all the way during the install.  Please remove the battery and reinstall it again.

Q: I took my pills during the adherence window, but I am still getting reminders.

A: If Pillbox was not within Bluetooth range, the event will be stored in Pillbox until it syncs with the app. Make sure the bluetooth on the smart device is always on and connected to the internet.

Q: I have an Android phone, but it is not able to locate my Pillbox.  However, I can find it in the Android Bluetooth manager. Why is it asking for a pairing code?

A: There are many makers of Android devices.  Pillbox only pairs through our app. Please do not try to pair it through the Android system Bluetooth manager. Our team regularly updates the app to improve support across a broader range of Android devices.

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