“”Seniors often have strict medication regimens to follow, and with this smart pillbox you’ll receive smartphone notifications if your loved one forgets to take their pills, or accidentally takes the wrong ones.” “

“The smart pillbox isn’t just meant for personal use. It has an “elevated” notification that alerts a close family member or friend.”

“Bluetooth connects the pillbox to a paired app, which tracks when you pop open the container, and it shares that info with your caregivers and physician.”

“definitely designed with caretakers in mind, and it might help ease the stress of adults who care for elderly family members ”

“it’s a step forward in usability and provides simple, actionable data to those who need it”

“The product looks like a fancy pillbox but it packs more punch than just space-age looks”

“even people without the latest tech can receive alerts at pill time”

“could be life saver if you forget to take your pills”

“The opportunities for connected devices to revolutionise healthcare are vast, and many go beyond individual doctor to patient relationships,”

“even people without the latest tech can receive alerts at pill time”

“Tricella’s smart pillbox can be used to help elderly people remember to take their medicine” (video) start 1min 40sec

“The Tricella Pillbox looks like a standard weekly pillbox, but with a lot more pizzazz.”

” parents trying to monitor their college kids’ medications from afar”

“Whether it’s forgetting to take it, or forgetting whether you’ve taken it already, many people have problems with their prescriptions.”

“Healthcare companies are always looking for new methods to improve adherence and this spring will welcome a new option”

“Yes, even pillboxes can connect to the internet”

“provides a level of oversight in ensuring that medications are taken as prescribed”

KPMG named Tricella as a disruptor in life science



“創業開發聰明藥盒 提醒「該吃藥了」”