Smart Pillbox With Family Notifications

Managing your medication doesn’t have to be a solo journey. Our smart pillbox and app can ping family members if you’re late on a dose. 

Designed With Caregivers In Mind

Family members can get alerts if a loved one forgets to take their pills.
In app, text, call, or audio recording makes being a part of your family’s health a breeze.
Tracking progress over time is made simple with our history view.

Phantom Sync

Phantom Sync, enables background connectivity. For those that need to take pills more than once a day; multiple smart pillboxes can simultaneously connect to our app.

What People Are Saying

“I’m often too busy at work to remember to take my vitamins. Simple reminder apps don’t work for me. This has been really helpful.”

-Indianapolis, Indiana

“Forgetting to take my medication for my liver transplant means life or death for me; I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time.”

-New York, New York

“It’s hard for me to keep track of my mom’s medication.  With the Tricella Pillbox, I can really be there for her, especially because we don’t live in the same state.”

-Sacramento, California

In The Press

Advanced Sensors

The Tricella Pillbox has individual sensors for each of its pill drawers. It can detect specifically which dose you’re missing. The no-fuss user replaceable coin cell battery makes it easy for those of you on the go.