How to Make a Fancy Keto Charcuterie Board 

A charcuterie board is the ultimate crowd pleaser where everyone can pick and choose what they’d like, and can be served as part of a spread or as a meal. It typically includes an assortment of cheeses, crackers, fruits (dried and fresh), and something sweet like quince paste, jams, or honey. Just because you’re on a keto diet doesn’t mean that you’ll miss out though! It’s incredibly easy to make this keto friendly, and it basically becomes a grown-up Lunchable with minimal carbs.

Go shoppin’!
Select your board or plate size accordingly for however many people that you’ll be serving, or go big for yourself so that you can tightly wrap the leftovers for a snack later. When it comes to cheeses, we like to select an assortment of aged, hard, soft, and flavored, in addition to the type of milk it’s made from–like cow, sheep, buffalo, or goat. To add variety to your nuts, you can purchase them seasoned, toast raw nuts to give it depth and make it crunchier, and serve them in different forms like sliced vs whole. Including something pickled on the board is nice, too. It adds a welcome acidic and tart punch to balance all of the rich, salty, and creamy flavors on the board. Jarred cornichons are readily available at grocery stores, and we love this one by The Spruce if you’d like to give it a go making it yourself. Asides from picked vegetables, balsamic vinegar also pairs well with cheeses, especially harder aged ones like Parmigiano Reggiano. We’ve listed out many of our favorites below, and just about any combination of things work, even if it’s a gouda-only spread from aged, smoked, flavored, etc. because it’s just that gouda (see what we did there?).

Putting it all together:
To assemble your board, add the bigger items first and then build around it. Pre-slice wedges of harder cheese like aged gouda, and crumble others into bite sized pieces. For softer cheeses like brie, you can cut it into slices and wedges also work out beautifully. Serve nuts in small ramekins to help keep things tidy and neat on the board. Lay cured meats flat, artfully fold them over, or roll into roses for added visual appeal. And lastly, fill in the gaps with keto friendly fruit like berries, more nuts, and garnish with herbs and flowers for an added flair.

Parmigiano Reggiano
Blue Cheese


Keto friendly nuts:
Macadamia nuts

Keto friendly fruit:

Other items to round things out:
Pickled red onions
Balsamic vinegar
Cheese Crisps
Herbs and flowers for garnishing

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