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~ High-Tech Pillbox Alerts Patient and Family When Medication Not Taken as Prescribed ~

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Sunnyvale, CA – Seventy percent of patients have issues with adherence to medication protocols. Tricella hopes to solve that problem through leveraging caregivers and technology with Liif, an innovative hi-tech pillbox. Going beyond any technology driven pillbox currently on the market, Liif reminds you to take your medication and provides caregivers with notifications before a dose is missed. Liif connects to smartphones via Bluetooth and through the iOS and Android app, tracks progress, offering a report to determine medication adherence. From vitamins and supplements to medications that treat chronic conditions, Liif provides a level of oversight in ensuring that medications are taken as prescribed. Parent company Tricella will showcase the Liif in CES Tech West at booth number 74935 in the Sands Expo.

“Your pills won’t do you any good unless you remember to take them,” states Tricella founder, Daniel Weng. “We want to improve peoples lives by creating products that help them be healthier and strengthen their family bonds. Liif connects families in the process of medication adherence with our built-in messenger offering an easy way for family to provide personal reminders as well.”

Tricella made setup easy, users only need to tap the Liif to an NFC enabled smartphone to establish the bluetooth connection. For anyone who takes pills once daily, there is Liif This Week, featuring 7 chambers, available for pre-order for $54.99 with regular pricing at $74.99. The app can manage several Liif units to accommodate a variety of needs . For more information, contact