Who Are We?

We are Tricella (3 cells). Tricella is an IOT+ (internet of things and beyond) company that embraces; family, health and education.

We create products and services that help improve the quality of life of our users and those closest to them.

Our product designs invoke behavior modifications through meaningful interaction that can result in better outcomes

At the end of 2014, we announced our first entry into the market, the Tricella Pillbox. It is a wireless smart pillbox with sensors that can alert users if they’ve forgotten to take their pills. It even goes the extra step by sending actionable notifications to loved ones to drive adherence. We designed the experience with a heavy emphasis on caregivers.

It’s easy for us to neglect our health because we don’t feel the impact until much later.

Living a healthy lifestyle can be challenging at times but is made easier when you’re part of a team. Unfortunately, many of us live far away from our family. In fact, most of ours don’t live in the same country. That’s why we wanted to engineer an experience that enriches people’s lives and brings them closer to the people they care most about, no matter the distance.

Our mission is to build smartly designed products that helps improve the quality of life and deepens relationships.