Stay connected to your family, no matter the distance

The Tricella Pillbox will send you notifications if your loved ones forgets to take their pills. The built in messenger makes it easy for you to send them personal reminders too.

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The Tricella Pillbox keeps track of your progress

The Tricella Pillbox syncs with your smartphone automatically. It gives you access to your progress reports at the palm of your hand, making it easier to reach your health goals.

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History Log

Tracks your progress over time to help you reach your health goals

Missed Pills Notification

Family members can respond to notifications directly through our app to help users stay on track

Smart Sensors

Each chamber has embedded sensors that can detect when users are taking their pills

Wrong Pills Alert

Family members can receive alerts if the user might have taken the wrong dose

Group Chat

Purpose built chat rooms makes it easy for family members to coordinate health plans

No Charging

No need to fuss with cables,  the Tricella Pillbox uses a replaceable coin cell battery (CR2032)  that can last up to half a year

Connecting Families Through Health