Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test Kit

The Covid-19 Antigen test removes bottlenecks for testing sites. Our test kits do not require labs or any special equipment to process. Results can be visually interpreted at the point of care in 15 minutes. Traditional PCR tests require up to 40 minutes of processing time. Additionally, specimen samples need to be transported to labs which may cause data entry error. In many regions, test results are not available until many days later, which increases the risk of community spread.

Antigen tests are not the same as antibody tests. Antigen tests for viral reactivity which may detect if the patient is currently infected. Antibody tests detects if patients were previously infected.

Test Kit Box  (set of 20)

  • 20 x Sterile Nasopharyngeal Swabs
  • 20 x Test Cassette
  • 20 x Extraction Tube
  • 20 x Extraction Tube Dripper
  • 2 x Extraction Buffer
  • For In Vitro Diagnostic Only
  • Prescription Use Only

Test administrators can complete the test in 4 simple steps at the point of care. Because the test does not require labs to process or special equipment, it can be easily deployed in the field making testing accessible in a wide range of locations and situations.

Test results are easy to read, 1 line for negative, 2 for positive. The form factor is very similar to influenza lateral flow assay tests that healthcare providers are familiar with.

The covid-19 antigen rapid test kit was co-developed with Academia Sinica (Taiwan’s top research institution). All test kits are manufactured in Taiwan.

Due to high demand and manufacturing capacity, we are currently allocating test kits to regions that have extreme circumstances. To meet the moment, we have established air bridges to regions heavily affected by the pandemic. Our manufacturing capacity is currently capable of producing 5 million covid-19 antigen test kits per month. We are in the process of significantly increasing capacity. The test kits are under the final process of FDA EUA. We anticipate USA availability before the end of August 2020. Please contact us if you would like to secure your allocation of test kits.

Please contact us for Covid-19 antigen rapid test Kit allocation